Hello again, fellow travelers!

Multi Player

Over the past 2 weeks I have been playtesting Sultan’s Library with the new cards that we will be including. More specifically, I wanted to see how the game would play with more people. I am happy to report that our backers will be able to play Sultan’s Library with up to 5 players! When we played with 6 players, however, we ended up shuffling the Action deck more than actually playing the game. We had to make a few slight rule adjustments too (in a 2 and 3 player game, players now need 4 books to win, instead of 3).

More Landscapes

Zane has also been crazy hard at work drawing new landscapes. Here is just a small taste to whet your appetites:

I will also be getting back in contact with our higher tier backers (if we can organize proper times, being on different continents and all) to get a better idea of their rewards.

Until then, Creo Tabula!